Vento 896.2 DC

3-way Floorstanding Speaker


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    What makes the Vento .2 even better
    In addition to the first-class tweeter system made of ceramic and titanium diaphragms, the Vento .2 series offers a new look with modern screwless diamond-cut aluminium rings. In the low frequency range, the large floor-standing speakers feature a double-cone cone with a continuous cone surface, which together with the larger cabinet volume and a more powerful waist of the bow shape provides an even larger and more detailed sound.

    High-End Sound – Easy as never before
    The Vento 896.2 are visually impressive floorstanding loudspeakers which, with their elegantly designed cabinets and immaculately lacquered high-gloss surfaces, bring a touch of elegance to any living room ambience. Their harmonious proportions, rounded cabinet edges and curved side panels make the Vento 896.2 particularly attractive. But the bass reflex floor-standing loudspeakers not only look enormously good: they also inspire with their outstanding sound and excellent dynamics, which convinces audiophile connoisseurs and those with a lower volume in equal measure. We have built high-quality technical components into the attractive 3-way bass reflex loudspeakers. This ensures the incomparably good Canton sound and enormously high reliability.

    Selectively good technology
    In addition to their elegance, our Vento 896.2 score points for their high level of technical maturity: in it we combine more than 45 years of experience in loudspeaker development and the technical and sonic genes of our best loudspeakers. The Vento 896.2 cabinets are constructed from low-resonance multi-layer laminate, with multiple internal stiffening and high-quality internal wiring. In addition, sophisticated damping of the cabinets and selected crossover components of the highest quality ensure that the 30 kilogram speakers are optimised in terms of sound quality. Two woofers in 200 mm format each provide an immensely powerful and powerful bass response in the large volume of these elegant speakers. Thanks to the double-cone cones made of titanium and the wave surround technology, the speakers remain very precise and faithful to the sound even at high volumes. The ideal playing partners for the two woofers are the 180 mm titanium midrange drivers with large diaphragm surface and their suspension in the triple-folded wave surround, as well as our top-quality 25 mm ceramic tweeter dome tweeter.

    Love for the detail
    Like all our loudspeakers, we also manufacture the Vento 896.2 in our factory in Weilrod in the Taunus region. This enables us to maintain the necessary quality standards, minimise tolerances, eliminate any faults and meet the high sound demands placed on our loudspeakers. The Vento loudspeaker cabinet is refined in numerous work steps – elaborate manual work for perfectly finished surfaces. Our 3-way premium loudspeakers are available in the «high-gloss» versions white and black as well as cherry veneer. The seamless diamond-cut aluminium rings in front of the high-quality drivers are another visual highlight of the Vento 896.2. Thanks to the downfire bass reflex system and the modern base construction with elegant bevels and cone-shaped spacers, the Vento 896.2 looks stunningly good – simply beautiful all round.

    The Vento Family
    You can combine our attractive Vento flagships with other models in the Vento family according to your personal preferences and system requirements. If you wish, you can create a highly dynamic and powerful multi-channel system that meets all your demands for sound quality and level stability with playful ease. From the flat wall speaker (Vento 816.2) to powerful compact speakers (Vento 826.2 and 836.2) and Dolby Atmos speakers (AR-800), to additional floorstanding speakers (Vento 876.2 and 886.2) and a potent centre speaker (Vento 866.2 Centre), you will find perfect companions to complement your Vento 896.2. Are you looking for your own personal home cinema multi-channel dream for the ultimate in movie fun within your own four walls? The Vento speakers make it possible.


    What makes the Vento.2 even better?
    Along with the first-rate tweeter system made from ceramic and high-fidelity titanium membranes, the Vento .2 series also offers a new look with modern screw-free diamond-cut aluminum rings. In the bass areas, the large freestanding loudspeakers boast a double cone membrane with a continuous surface, which works together with the larger cabinet size and a more powerful version of the curved form to give an even greater and more detailed sound.

    All special features at a glance
    • Ceramic tweeter system

    • Titanium woofers and midrange speakers

    • Wave-surround technology

    • Screw-free, diamond-cut aluminum rings

    • High-quality connection terminals

    • Conical black spacers

    • New and modern base construction with elegant bevels

    • Fabric cover with magnetic fastening

    • High gloss cabinet surface

    • Matching speaker stand: LS 850.3

    • Suitable Dolby Atmos® loudspeaker: AR-800

    Product Data
    Type Floorstanding speaker
    Engineering Principle 3-way bass reflex
    Nom. /Music power handling 180 / 340 watts
    Frequency response 20…40.000 Hz
    Crossover frequency 250 / 3.000 Hz
    Woofer 2 x 192 mm (7,6»), Titanium (Wave surround)
    Midrange 1 x 174 mm (6,8»), Titanium (Wave surround)
    Tweeter 1 x 25 mm (1»), Ceramic
    Nominal Impedance 4…8 ohms
    Special Features DC-technology
    fabric grill with magnetic mount
    Gold plated bi-wiring/bi-amping screwclamp terminals
    Warranty 5 years
    Dimensions (WxHxD) W: 24,7 cm (9.7″) | 28,7 cm (11.2″) with base
    H: 110 cm (43.3″) with base and equipment feet
    D: 34 cm (13.4″) | 38 cm (14.9″) with base
    Weight 30 kg
    Carton Content Vento 896.2
    Equipmentfeet Spikes
    Fabric grill with magnetic mount
    Packaging 52,5 x 124 x 39,5 cm (20,7″ x 48,8″ x 15,6″)
    Weight including packaging 34 kg